miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012


Estas son las adivinanzas en Inglés que hemos hecho por grupos en clase de Inglés no son muy difíciles pero si muy divertidas espero que os gusten. Son las siguientes:

A lot fish  swim inside me.
I’m very very big and I have a lot of information
What am I? Maritime Museum. Grupo: Karla, Sonia, David y Marina.

I’m big, I’m pretty. Boats sail across me .
I’ve got a lot of beaches near me.
Around me, there are a lot of historic monuments
when the south, wind blows i’ve got a lot of waves.
What am I? The bay. Grupo: Paula, Carmen y Maria.

I can see a building in front  of me. Now, I’m very old but when I worked, many ships were repaired in my place. Nowadays,  people don’t use me any more, the people forgot me.
What am I? Dike. Grupo: Laura, Valeria, Sara y Pablo

I can move very very big  and heavy goods. I live
by the bay and I’m very very old.l I was born in 1900.
I was made of steel and stone. Now I’m retired and people love me because I decorate the bay
What am I? Stone crane. Grupo: Bruno, Daniel, Zdravko y Manuel

A long time ago. I was built in 1908.
I have 365 windows , one for everyday of the year.
I see the bay and the beach.
I’m a university in summer time.
What am I ?  Magdalena palace. Grupo: Belén, Celia, Mar y Mª Jose.

I was made of marble and copper.
The people see shows inside me.
I am very very big. In front of me there is a dike.
Inside me, there are many rooms with armchair.
I’m green, red, blue and white.
What am I? Festival palace. Grupo: Inés, Alexia, Martina y Claudia F.

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